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Nowadays, most of the consumption of video content comes from the Internet and frankly speaking, the current situation of the Indian network series is shocking. Here you will see all best Indian web series of 2020.

Many people tend to watch most of the content online when and where they like, and for those web series, this is indeed an amazing form of entertainment.

In addition to this, the Indian network series also has very creative and considerable content. The great thing is that TV series and movies have a glorious past under the rules of the censorship committee, but online series are excluded.


The latest series that catches the eye of the audience is TVF’s “Panchayat”. The comedy revolves around an engineering graduate because he has no other choice, so he works as a secretary in the Panchayat office in a remote Uttar Pradesh village.

Then his hilarious adventure and the simplicity of the situation make you laugh. Don’t forget to be composed of star actors like Neena Gupta and Raghubir Yadav.

#2.Permanent roommate

This romantic comedy revolves around a couple who has been in long-distance love for three years, and they suddenly face the hope of cohabitation.

One of the OG network series is popular because of its relevance to young people.

The breeze buzzing every day makes it one of the best TV shows worth watching.

#3.Inside edge

If this is a series of articles about cricket, how could it be unpopular in India?

Actors such as Sayani Gupta, Richia Chadha and Angad Bedi played a role under the premise of the T20 cricket franchise in the Powerplay League.

The show explores the dark side of things in this situation from money, power, gender, selfishness, and everything in between.

#4.Made in heaven

“Network manufacturing” is one of the biggest sensational network series ever, and there is a space in all of us.

It is not surprising that the eight-episode TV series directed by Bollywood gangsters such as Zoya Akhtar, Alankrita Srivastava, Nitya Mehra and Prashant Nair, will end in a movie-like gem.

Clear writing, powerful performance, appropriate background ratings and impeccable scripts perfectly package it into perfect viewing materials.

These shows let us know the stories and awakenings of the two friends Sobhita Dhulipala and Arjun Mathur who started the wedding planning business, as well as their personal experiences when trying to get along with others.

They have been happy ever since. The show also bluntly touched on related topics, such as dowry, elderly people choosing to remarry and LGBTQ+ rights.


A gangster drama “Mirzapur” in the style of Anurag Kashyap is full of gunshots, blood and biting, and abuses used as punctuation marks.

Since this is a refreshing cocktail, without any interference from the censor, this Amazon work performed well in the performance.

Pankaj Tripathi, Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Rasika Dugal, Vikrant Massey, Ali Fazal – every actor has hit his head. Although the storyline is sometimes predictable, clear dialogue and scripts are worth a look.

#6.Sacred game

Cast of Sacred Game 2: Image courtesy of Netflix
According to Vikram Chandra’s novel of the same name, “Holy Game” is Netflix’s first Hindi web series.

This thriller was directed by Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motwane, Saif Ali Khan, and Navazudin Sidiki ( Nawazuddin Siddiqui) and Radhika Apte play important roles.

The Siddiqui-Kashyap duo made another appearance (they had previously allied in “Wassseypur’s gang” and “Raman Raghav 2.0”) and performed outstandingly in all aspects.

“Holy game” and Tang, honest police and intelligence personnel who fight against sexism travel through the triad of Mumbai, “professional game” subtly refines the cultural and historical aspects.

It may sometimes cause some trouble, but the series marks a turning point for small screens, demonstrating the quality the industry can provide.

Without a doubt, this is one of the most worthwhile TV shows ever.

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#7.Delhi crime

According to the infamous Delhi gang in 2012, “Delhi Crime” follows the case of DCP Shefali Shah.

This seven-episode TV series is based on in-depth research, focusing on the obstacles faced by the police when trying to solve the case, especially in cases that have a significant national sentiment to a large extent.

Director Richie Mehta tries to introduce the consequences of this outrageous behavior and how it affects everyone involved.

The combination of fact and fiction is a prediction of the key point, without extra decoration, which is needed in real life.

The performances of Shah, Rasika Duggal and Yashaswini Dayama are worth looking forward to.

#8.Lust Story

Paras (Vicky Kaushal) and Megha (Kiara Advani) in Desire Story
Although not by definition a series, these four short story collections are worth mentioning.

Bollywood’s biggest directors-Karan Johar, Zoya Akhtar, Anurag Kashyap and Dibaka Banaghi (Dibakar Banerjee) co-authored this anthology, with one story per director.

All conspiracies involve and attempt to explore sexual oppression of Indian women; these narratives also point out how women today seek to establish their identity.

Bringing such themes to the home screen with actors such as Vicky Kaushal and Manisha Koirala is a stepping stone towards more mature themes.

#9.Little Things

Mithila Palkar (Kavya) and Dhruv Sehgal (Dhruv) mature scripts and exquisite performances; the actors play a couple in Mumbai, the episode shows the realism of Indian millennials.

Because Kavya’s ambitions and Dhruv’s laid-back attitude go hand in hand, they have experienced the conflict and resolution experienced by any couple you may know.

Directions can speed up the pace, but unless so, even conversations can fascinate you.

#10.The Family Man

If you are a fan of superb acting skills, then Manoj Bajpayee’s upcoming role as the protagonist of this series is enough for you to watch “The Family Man”.

A series of fascinating action movies followed by Srikrant Tiwari (Bajpayee), a typical middle-class man who enjoys undercover life among government agents.

The show worked with a special team from the US National Bureau of Investigation to track his sway between the agent role and the family husband role-protecting the country from terrorist attacks during the day and becoming a humble husband and father at night.

The clear storyline is dotted with comedy moments, where you can find instant performances.


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