Top 10 sites for free online courses in [2020-2021].

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Education does not have to cost, there are many free courses to improve your IT skills, and these do not require an Internet connection, laptop, or smartphone.

The following twelve online education providers offer free programs and courses in almost any technical field.

This is a great way to insert your toes into new topics with limited commitment or to keep up with industry trends and technologies.

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top ten sites for free online courses offers a wide range of free IT courses, including network and security, hardware, software development, game development, software tools, IT management, mobile applications, software engineering, data science, databases, and core IT skills.

You can choose from short-term certificate courses or a more comprehensive “diploma” course.

Although you can attend the course for free, if you complete a certificate or diploma course, you will need to pay to obtain a paper or digital certificate.

You can also choose to pay a premium account of about $9 per month, which will enable you to use more features, such as discounts on certificate fees, no advertising, and the use of restored building features.



Codeacademy provides free coding classes for 12 programming and markup languages, including Python, Ruby, Java, JavaScript, jQuery, React.js, AngularJS, HTML, Sass, and CSS.

These courses will provide practical experience and real-time feedback from peers.

If you like these courses, you can sign up for a Codeacadmy Pro account for $19.99 per month, which will make it easier for you to conduct hands-on projects, quizzes, and consultants.

Otherwise, all basic courses are provided free of charge-therefore, if you are an aggressive worker, then they may be enough to make you proficient in coding.


Coursera is not completely free, but they do provide good free computer programming courses for you to choose from.

You can take courses on the basics of programming and choose from many programming languages ​​to learn such as Python, C, and Java.

You can register for free and use all of Coursera’s free programs, but if you want to get a certificate or degree program, the price will vary.


For UI and UX designers or web developers, if you want to improve your technical level, you may need to use Skillshare.

The site offers free courses on UI and UX design and web development, and also offers business analysis courses, which may be useful for people who process data.

Skillshare provides virtual courses, including video courses, project overviews, available templates, and other useful resources.

You can also choose from a subscription of $15 per month, or you can pay $99 per year, reducing the monthly fee to $8.

Paid subscriptions provide more features, such as teacher support, no ads, offline access to download course materials, and unlimited access to all available courses.


Udemy is aimed at professional adults who need education on a busy work schedule. Some courses about Udemy are free, while others require payment-it depends on the course and the instructor.

However, even paid courses will not lose money, because most courses cost as low as $9.99, so if the course you want to take is not free, you can usually find many discounts.


EdX is a large-scale open online course (MOOC) provider that provides university-level courses developed by schools, nonprofit organizations, and companies.

These courses are offered to users for free, and the courses come from MIT and Harvard University.

Courses include short videos, interactive learning exercises, tutorial videos, online textbooks, and a forum where students can communicate with each other, ask questions, and contact teaching assistants.

At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate-some course may be considered university credits, depending on the school.

#7.Harvard Online Learning

Harvard University provides free online course materials, lectures, courses, and other educational content.

The goal is to “provide an effective and convenient way for those who want to learn but may not have the opportunity to get a Harvard education.” Courses are offered through many online learning content providers, including EdX, GetSmarter, HarvardX,

Harvard Business School (HBX), Harvard Extension School, and Harvard Medical School (HMX).

You can imagine almost all courses on IT topics, so you can get a Harvard education without tuition.

#8.Khan Academy

Established in 2006, Khan Academy is a non-profit educational organization whose primary goal is to educate students online for free.

Lecture through YouTube videos and provide other exercises for education and students online.

Courses can be accessed on mobile devices, and most courses have been translated into multiple languages, providing nearly 20,000 subtitle translations.

Although it may not be used as formal education, it is an easy way for you to learn new skills in your career development process.

#9.Microsoft Learning

Microsoft provides several learning paths and certifications covering various Microsoft products and services.

The learning path includes several modules related to the subject of the course, and certification is more concentrated, and one or two exams are required to obtain certification.

Self-paced courses and exams are provided free of charge through Microsoft, but if you want to take an instructor-led course, you can do it through a Microsoft Certified Trainer.

#10.MIT open courseware

MIT University launched an initiative in 2001 to publish free course materials for all undergraduate and graduate levels online through MIT OpenCourseWare.

It is the first major university to provide free coursework to the public-MIT follows in the footsteps of 250 other universities.

In 2018, MIT added complete video lectures to more than 100 courses, and users can stream or download these courses for offline viewing.

If you want to learn a certain skill or try a new skill before spending money on a course, it is worth going to MIT OpenCourseWare to see what topics they are interested in.


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